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Updated: Aug 21, 2021

The Summer Solstice has been one of my favorite days of the year, as it truly is a bright Star of direction on the yearly Calendar. A fierce guiding light to show us where our little earth stands in the limitless space of our universe and also where we stand seasonally. It is the longest day of the year and the first day of summer. I like to think of the Summer Solstice as a vibrant climactic point. In practice I like to build to it. MORE dynamic Vinyasa. Yoga that works into the core and cardio. We think of the first day of summer as the beginning of summer but as most us can feel already, summer has been gently moving in for some time now. This is how Mother Nature works. Mother Nature is a creative and playful intelligence that allows for plenty of transition and adaptation as to not to shock us so that seasonally we can feel our best with as little shock to the body as possible. In practice it’s super important to be strong and prepare diligently for the activities that summer encourages. It is a time for much movement and this is not just by accident that seasonally we feel our most powerful here. The winter has allowed us to go inward while the summer is here for dynamic, outward energy which assists us in getting things done. Our gardens are blooming, and we energy from the sun to really put our wishes into action. If we play it right , this season is super beneficial in the realms of manifestation. MAYA, in its truest form comes to life!

Pre summer solstice, it’s important to build and work and after the summer solstice we reap what we have sewn, enjoying all of the difficult work, longer days of play. More time to wander and watch the clouds. As winter gave us time to be creative with our thoughts and reflections, Summer gives us time to be adventurous and playful. To discover and expand energetically. I feel that it is an important human tendency to watch our seasons and understand what is happening and to carry an appreciation for the way that our world works. In Ayurveda, we like to look ahead seasonally. To see where Mother Nature is going and to be prepared for this. We prepare for the Fall and the Spring because this is when people get sick. I like to really start on top of my immunity this time of the year. Staying strong and hydrated, and getting plenty of sun, even in the time from before ten am, this Vitamin C that we absorb into our skin is powerful. Staying hydrated and drinking cool drinks allows for us to not overheat in the summer and to keep our tissues and our skin supple. Watermelon, all kinds of mint, limes, coconut water, strawberries are all boosting with juicy sweetness. There are so many ways to mix things up and make yourself fun hydrating drinks so that you have that power to explore. We can also eat a little lighter this time of the year as we should be shedding the winter coat.

My favorite summer memories include the smell of jasmine in my bedroom window, taking a swim under covered bridges with friends, barefoot living, eating tomatoes out of the garden with juice running down my chin, long days into the night and lightening bugs. It’s amazing right now writing this my heart is lighting up with those memories. And the thought of making more. There is so much love in a lifetime, how lucky we all are to live in a place that we get to enjoy these incredible seasons. I want to steal, hide and ravage every moment of summer and in my entire lifetime, it’s the season I long for the most.

My mother has said my entire life, that when I get older Summer will not be my favorite season, and I must admit that Ive learned to love the other three seasons more and more, but still…Summer is my favorite season and probably always will be. I will once again be greedy this summer and take every single second out of it and love the Sun for all that it gives to me, as we all should! But just remember this, even though we do not realize this, after the Summer Solstice ends, the days softly begin to disappear, unnoticeably until a day in early October that we notice we need our cozy blankets on the bed. And then, another lovely season begins to whisper her voice…..

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