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Yoga Teacher Training

Taking a Yoga Teacher Training is not always about learning how to teach.  Many students have a love for this practice, and many students have a desire to find out more.  You will learn to teach regardless.  Although, I want  to say that learning to teach Yoga is more about learning to teach humans.  

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Training Description

I designed my school around uncovering your own inner artist.  We begin first month into routines and habits, and work up from our root foundation.  We may have amazing dreams, but without a good foundation, we find it impossible to bring them to life.  This program is about living better and manifesting!  Growth comes from discomfort and we move through, together.  Change always comes from growth.  These are exciting times and if we listen deeply inside our own hearts, we may realize that we have more power than we think.  

Tina Chabot School of Yoga is a trauma informed program so this certification can assist you in your own career as a teacher, counselor, and many other jobs that require our work with others. Learning how to work through people and their triggers and trauma unfolds the power of true connection with ourselves and others. This program is also valuable for the passionate student in the arts of healing.  If you want to go into Yoga Therapy or Ayurvedic Sciences, a 200 hour RYS is the beginning.   

Tina Chabot School of Yoga is a nationally credentialed program of Yoga Alliance standards.   

My school is an eight month program.  Our weekends run in this way:

  • Friday evening 6-10

  • Saturdays 8-5

  • Sundays 8-5

  • One weekend a month.  


You will receive an 800 page manual that is printable by Ambassador Yoga from Canada.  They will also teach you the 40 hours that is required by Yoga Alliance for you to learn online.  You just easily watch the videos and check off as you go along.

Coffee and tea is always provided at my studio.  I like for you to make yourself at home.  My home is your home, always.  


Yoga is a practice, not a religion, so inclusive to all religions and belief systems.


Total Cost: 2350 is cost with payment plans of 500$ down and 232$ a month for eight months of your school.  


Early investment available for 2000, if paid before class begins!

Yoga Teacher Training

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