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A Candle in the Darkness

Updated: May 17

A Tree is rooted deep into the ground. Its strong roots lead up into the trunks and nutrients flow from the earth all the way up through to the leaves. A Woodpecker chips away all day long on the tree transforming its sturdy and strong wood into a home for itself and it’s young. A Butterfly flutters overhead, landing beside the woodpecker before moving on, and away. The wind blows, day turns to night, evening to morning.

As everything continuously changes, one thing is for sure. There is a FLOW to nature.

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word meaning Knowledge of Life. A Yoga Sister Science of Wellness based on nature, the seasons, the times of the day and our five elements. Air, ether, fire, water and earth. Everything is of the elements in this beautiful world of ours, including our own actions and habits. Even us. This is called our Dosha, or makeup.

With every pharmaceutical, there are countless side effects. We have become comfortable avoiding pain. How is our body supposed to speak to us without words. It speaks to us through feelings, discomfort and pain. Depending on how urgently we need care and attention, is usually how deep or noticeable our pain is felt. I believe on a deep level that everything in our world walks forth with kindness. Everything in nature is subtle, unless root problem is ignored or suppressed.

Many times hard injuries come from repetitive treatment using pain medication that diminishes pain, yet ignores root problem. Restoration is always a better choice, even though this practice takes more time for healing. We live in a lifestyle of pushing through, instead of allowing ourselves to take the time to rest, nourish and heal ourselves. When we can get comfortable with ice and heat therapy, or begin to use the herbal realm, we empower ourselves. In the age of the internet, we have an enormous amount of information at our fingertips. How lucky we are to have so many options!

If I have learned anything from life, it is that the universe works through energy and vibration, action and reaction. When our body needs healing in an area, it begins to whisper to us. Tiny consequences that may give us the space to look at ourselves a bit deeper. Free will to deal with emotional or physical pain or to continue into distraction, avoidance, or suppression. If we do not begin to take a good hard look into the mirror at our own darknesses, those whispers begin to raise in frequency and volume. Now we begin to have bricks, crashing into windows, awakening us in the night in a nightmare, or in our everyday life by cold hard consequences. Subtlety becomes evident.

Every moment we have the opportunity to allow an emotional pain body to rise to the surface. In these moments, we allow an energy to release itself out of our bodies. These moments can be frightening when we have never allowed ourselves to feel on deep levels. In this intense transformation and release, we are healing ourselves through our very own gifts of vulnerability and presence. We are allowing our body to release a pain body by shining the light of awareness on it.

Most of the time we address the physical pain well before addressing the emotional pain. But we should shine the light on both. When we are anxious, where do we feel it? Can you feel it in the heart space? When we are irritated? Is it guttural and deep in the belly? Do you feel it tightening up? Can you breathe deep and bring space there? Do you have five minutes to sit with yourself to alleviate? Many times emotional pain, even though we can experience stillness by ourselves, is the most difficult. This is because it is so easy to distract ourselves away from it, but at the core of these problems, they do not simply go somewhere else, because they are inside of us in our very own cells and tissues.

A billion dollar industry invites us to purchase the newest pharmaceutical to alleviate our physical pain and emotional pain. We all see the commercials. We all read the ads in magazines with the colorful pictures. People look so happy. But I ask you this. How many pharmaceuticals are healing us? Are the side effects worth it? How much of our vibrance is stripped from us when we take them? Our very own power and awareness. I have found the most joyful people are the ones that are growing, owning their baggage and faults, and living in a lifestyle that supports their wellbeing. A life of gratitude. I also feel that when we begin to allow our pain, we begin to find where it is coming from so that we may begin to address it. Root cause is our most important discovery. In this way, life looks more like the flow of nature. Active lifestyles and plenty of rest and restoration are essential to healing. Healthy whole foods and a soft push to plants and herbs for healing.

How far deep has your own power been buried by a cluttered mind? How deep is our own presence buried by bad habits and addictions that do not serve our highest selves. As we go into nature, we can feel the invitation to breathe deeply and be present. in being, we feel the wind on our skin, we hear the vibration of the energies around us. Chirping of birds, action, aliveness. If we look at a tree, we feel something, but what is this exactly? Could it be the gift of life? Our truest medicine? How can we begin to bring more being into our lives? How can we find healing when we have been walking in darkness for a time. How can we get started on a path to healing? We have three ways of healing. Good sleep, proper breathing, and nourishment are the three ways the body heals. There are some other habits that can encourage us to get on the path and to stay on the path of healing.

Here are some ways to continue to heal on our journey….

  1. Live Seasonally and with Mother Nature’s Time Clock. We are animals of the earth and we dwell on locations that are surrounded with seasonal herbs and plants for nourishment. The sun raises as the world is moved to wake up, and mama moon comes out to allow for healing during sleep. Our bodies heal the most during 10 pm and 2 am, which is Pitta time. Many of us work swing shifts so this just calls for more self care, but if this is your case, try to be sleeping at this time during daytime hours. Switch your clock. Also seasonally, look ahead. Nature is shaped to align with us. Looks ahead seasonally and prepare! I will be posting a blog about Autumn preparation in the next few weeks. The end of summer is the time to think of how we are going to boost the immune system and prevent the Fall Flu Season from hitting your body! Every season owns its own charms so the four points of season time frame is an exciting and loving way to live.

  2. Going inward. As tough as it feels to take a look at ourselves, these practices become essential on a enlightened path. Staying busy can be another way to avoid our emotional health. Become comfortable being alone and practicing activities in silence. Turn the television off more. Set your timer and spend a few minutes a day journaling, or meditating. Journaling is a good technique for allowing our unconscious to come forward. Free flowing writing is setting a five to ten minute timer and just allowing pen to write whatever comes out. Do not let pen leave paper and let it flow. Sometimes this can be nice for allowing us to release energies and blockages from our psyche. This is a powerful practice. If you are not comfortable with meditation, try just one or two minutes a day to begin. Simply the that time for yourself. The afternoon can be a robust time of the day for creativity. Make yourself an afternoon tea and sketch, meditate, or write. Discover your inner artist. You may surprise yourself. Another way to go inward is to seek therapy. Find a therapist that has taken a Yoga Teacher Training, and has these practices in their arsenal to guide you. Seek out a therapist that you can trust. I highly recommend Claudia Lynn Hempill, LPCC-S. She is trained in trauma and has also a RYT 200 Yoga Teacher. I love her warmth as well as her wisdom.

  3. Get your sleep. Avoid anything that blocks you from proper rest. Of the three ways for our bodies to heal, sleep is one of them. Avoid alcohol, or limit to a glass of wine occasionally. Alcohol inhibits rest. Notice how difficult it is to sleep with even a little bit of alcohol in your body. Some of us can have more caffeine than others, but avoid caffeine as you move into the evening hours. We are lucky to live in a time of options using CBD now. Be aware of seasonal insomnia. CBD and Melatonin is a nice coupling to gently ease you back into regularity. Also chamomile tea is nice. Diffuse some lavender in your bedroom in the evenings. Nourishing dinacharya is preparation for sweet and satisfying healing time of the day.

  4. Seek out nutritionists that can accommodate a lifestyle plan for you with your eating habits and nutrition. Find someone that you are in alignment with. If you have a difficult time making change, then find someone who can nudge you gently into lifestyle habits. If you are an extreme person that needs fast and fierce changes, find someone that can speak that language. Either way, spend the time and energy into meal prep and learning how. Buy new containers for organizing. Clean out your fridge to prepare. Make it an event. I say meal prep should be fun and enjoyable. Have a meal prep party. Make some mocktails, or a huge pitcher of mint Lemonade and start the party. I love having people over on a sunday and all of us prepping together and then having a fantastic meal. Nourishment is something we should all feel joyful about. Food should bring up happy and loving feelings, not hunger, dread, and obsession. Ayurveda is a gentle and accommodating way to live. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in an Ayurvedic Treatment Plan.

  5. A purpose driven life brings joy. The happiest people are in alignment with their purpose. A purpose aligned with your own personal gifts is where we should place our energy. What were your gifts as a child. Where is your inner artist. In “Atomic Habits,” James Clear states that we flourish in the good work, when we are in alignment with what we do. Live in a way that supports your own personal natural talents and personality. Many of us are not sure what we want to do, so we look outward and see other people flourishing in areas. The key is looking inward and realizing what lights up your entire body on a cellular level. What do you truly enjoy doing. Our dharma, or purpose should be in close proximity to these habits.

  6. Flow. Fascia is connective tissue that bands through everything. When we are not flowing and moving, this tissue becomes more dense and strong. When we awaken in the morning and feel sore and tight, this is an example of how much connective tissue grows in just eight hours of non movement. It is vital that we flow in ways that we enjoy the most. If Yoga is your thing, do your practice every single day. In the morning I do a few light stretches before asking alexa to begin a thirteen minute timer. I free flow in asana for this long and when the timer ends, i cool down and take savasana. This is pure joy for me so I do this in the morning and evening. This allows me to get Yoga in even if I’m not in Studio. Hiking is also a great way. If you are a nature person, have your hiking shoes in the back of your car. Toss them on with your dog when you get the whim. Why not take your hike every day if this is your joyful time. Walking is still the highest rated exercise by any standard. Grab twenty minutes of a walk at any time. It is essential to live our lifestyle in the ways that bring us the most joy, and this includes our exercise. If we do not look forward to do something, we will not continue to do it. If Yoga is not your thing, it will not continue to be something that you are driven to do. I can always tell who my true Yogis are, because they are the people that never stop making it to class. They find that way. It is this way in every action. Passion, joy, and love is what drives our habits. Find healthy exercise by continuing to do habits that excite you.

  7. Minimize your surroundings. Clutter diminishes creativity. When we are in a crisp, clean, and open space, we have more room to create and manifest. Surround yourself with beautiful art and cozy comforts. Soothing and relaxing is the way to go. The more we stay home now, people are realizing that their home needs to nourish them on deep levels. Home should be a sanctuary. Chose soft and soothing lighting. Lighting can give an aura of mystery and magic. Add candles to your space. Diffuse if you enjoy essential oils. Chose the Artwork that speaks to your soul. Give yourself time to allow your art to chose you, instead of you choosing your art. Pay your favorite local artist to make something just for you. Art always is the heart of your space. Play soft wordless music throughout your space. This creates an atmosphere. Give your favorite plants a space in your home. Declutter regularly, not seasonally. Softly purge throughout the year to avoid becoming anxious or overwhelmed. It is important to have a space that allows for us to work, play, entertain, and cook at our highest vibrations. Our surroundings should radiate to the same vibration of our very soul. As Oprah Winfrey says, "Your home should rise up and meet you as you enter it."

These are small nuggets to nudge you gently back to your brightest light. Remember that our lights are not outside of us but buried deeply underneath all of our unconscious behaviors. When we truly want out of the darkness, the light is always there waiting for us, with love, and stillness. Good behaviors also grow on one another. Just remember that a habit is something that may be difficult to do until it is easy. Incorporating a habit is a challenge in the beginning and then liberation. Stay tenacious in the beginning! Get a coach or someone that you can count on to guide you. Contact me if you would like to learn more in the spirit of Ayurveda. I believe that the closer that we live to nature, the closer we live to our truest Self. And as always, make LIFE your truest medicine!

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~Mary Oliver

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