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A feather in the woods

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Yesterday I told my son I wouldn't be seeing him or his dog Banjo today. Today, in between work I texted my son to ask him if I could take Banjo for a hike. I have made a best friend in the last two months of this Corona Virus time. My son's dog Banjo moves me in every way. I feel a little place in my heart right now just thinking this furry buddy of mine. Many times when I pull in to pick him up ,he instantly pops his head through the window. He bounces when he runs, its quite funny. He actually smiles after our hikes, and he has sweet little tender ways toward me. I dont want to go back to my life prior to this time. I dont know what's changed, but I'm beginning to suspect that maybe the change is more about me than anything else. I had the momentum of a monster. I could outwork anyone. And wow was I on this roller coaster. Easing away has been good for me. I want to look around. I want to walk in the woods. I want to spend time with my son. I want to hang out with Banjo. I found a turkey feather in the woods today. It made me sad to think that I may get back into the routine of work. Maybe that kind of work just isn't what I want now. Maybe i need to make my mind up about this. Maybe I dont. All will be well and is well. Life goes on. Another day, summer is coming, and the corona virus has left its imprint on us all.....

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