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Almost an Antique

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Im almost an antique.

I have become strong, yet vulnerable.

I have lines of aging yet this gives me character.

I have my people and they are my cup of tea, and i am theirs, but not others, and i care none the less.

I like this about being an antique, not caring about the unimportant details of life.

Because of this…..

Life is vast, and large, and we can leave those little details of judgement to small minded folks who haven’t truly lived and learned yet. They will find their way and that is not my job to do it for them.

For my journey has brought me here, to this moment in time.

To a peace that I couldn’t have had before I was almost an antique.

When I was up late listening to the rajas. And sleeping through the sattva of the morning.

Now Im awake with the dawn. Because the dawn wants those who see to be there.

Because I’m almost an antique.

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