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Beautiful Stones We Are.....

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

I was watching youtube this morning and a scientist in an interview about the cellular levels of stones, and people and so on. It took me back to an incident last night that I had noticed the negativity in someone that i care about very much. Someone that has been in my life for thirty years and someone that I am extremely codependent with, due to the nature of our longterm relationship that has at times been unhealthy. I WANT him to be well. I WANT him to stop drinking. I WANT him to be more positive. I tend to go back to my old patterns of trying to control him or tell him what to do. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Why is it so difficult to dissolve old programs with the people we have known the longest and love the most? Even if these patterns come from a place of loving or caring about someone they never work anyway! Telling someone what to do feeds into their rebellious nature and usually just leads them to seeing you as self righteous.

As I was watching this interview about crystals, it occurred to me that we should treat everyone as if they are a beautiful and unique crystal. All unique to their own path and own situation. When dealing with people you have unhealthy pasts with, MASTER YOUR MOOD. Practice this repeatedly. Experiment with this. Usually with on e person you ca be locked in a dynamic where you are reacting the same way over and over and over which keeps us in a program much like the dreaded hamster wheel. Watch your thoughts as you interact or come into contact with them. Say words to yourself like wow, how beautiful this person is. Allow yourself to be inquisitive, lend them this space to speak, while you hold that space for them. When judgements come in watch and smile and come back to this sweetness. This can be very handy in dealing with toxic coworkers as well. Observe them as if they are unique and special in their own way,. Note deeply inside of yourself on a cellular level that these role, are a result of their own life path and experiences. Imagine that they are beautiful and exciting and this will change the dynamic of your interactions. Never forget this., Your thoughts are POWERFUL.

In Yoga we believe that shining the light on dark behaviors dissolves these behaviors. This can make the difference in lives. And this practice can dissolve the ugly in your everyday life. This practice may just change someone else's life as well.

Always, as with a precious stone, HAND


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