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Listen, Read, See

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

As i sit here in our local coffee shop, on this gorgeous summer day, bringing myself to the present moment so that i may venture into the unknown. Book writing.

There is a magic in this universe that I had lost the ability to see for many years. Traumas from childhood and ego and misdirection of my own powers had taken me far out and beyond, to places that apparently now I see and understand that I had to go to, simply to find my true self. And of course to then find my way back home. Kinda like Santiago in the Alchemist, its the journey itself that leads us back to a place inside that we had all along, but we had covered up with delusions.

To have lost myself several times over in my life, recklessly and with a vengeance was exhausting, terrifying, dark, and essential. My personality mimics Shiva, the essential must of totally destroying, busting up, and breaking down, even violently at times, too bring myself back to the person that I was born to be. A little girl that loved animals, and nature, and being alone. Ill blame that on my Scorpio ascendant. A little girl that loved to read and listen to music and had a strong fascination of people and their myriad of personalities. That spiritual part of myself. It seems that every little passion or curiosity that was inside of me was always leading me to be the best version of myself. And all of this began after years of a struggle and beginning to find my place in the world. The end of a combative and brutal struggle from poverty, to fast wealth, back to poverty, and my own addictions and demons. But at the very beginning of the path that I am on and have been on for almost two decades now, which was the Yogic path, began in the office of a Chiropractor in my second interview in which i was hired, but with one single question.

“Tina, I like where you are coming from, let me ask you, Have you ever read the Power of Now?” I still remember that question because i had always been an avid reader and had never heard of this book before.

Two weeks later after I had settled into my routine of this new job, I ran to the library to pick up this book. I finished the book within two days. From the first words I begin to feel sensations in my body that I hadn't felt for a long time. At my heart center, deep inside my chest. This book felt like pure truth to me. I cried so deeply that night in gratitude for the universe placing this book into my hands, in whichever way that it had happened. Indescribable. And from that moment, my life had began to change its course. My awakening didn't happen like Eckart Tolle’s, it was a slow but constant awakening that took on a life of its very own.

I believe that every single day the universe gives us magical little doors and clues and kinda like emojis that pop up here and there if we are present that seem like coincidences but aren’t. These little breadcrumbs of God show us to lead us to our most righteous path, but if we are living in our own monkey minds, its very difficult to see them and of course that is when the universe must gives us bricks that crash through windows and jolt us abrubtly to awaken us. Those moments and experiences can be frightening but they are only for one purpose. The purpose is to awaken our consciousness.

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