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Morning Vibes and Wellness

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

I remember not that long ago a much different morning than the morning I cherish now. As much as I loved my work at a Chiropractic Center, I owned terrible habits. My work week went something like this. I would set the alarm for 6:30, push the snooze three times and then the third time begrudgingly shuffle my way out of bed, sluggishly. Stumbling across my bedroom to the shower was the furthest vibe from joyous. After a shower, I would begin to feel the reminisce of the day as I quickly gathered my purse and rushed to krogers to grab a fruit tray to hustle to work to begin to cut up fruit for my coworkers and I and by this time, I was beginning to feel the hustle of the day and glimpses of sweetness. . I was totally at war with my mornings. It was not a good fit.

In the last few years my mornings began to change bit by bit until now, they are a fully loaded sweet ease full of habits and rituals that I crave and look forward to. I feel that if I do not get my dinacharya, that I miss out on something quite lovely in my life. Dinacharya is an Ayurvedic sanskrtt word for self-care. And mornings have been my BEST part of the day for some time now.

I should say that in Yoga and Ayurveda, the philosophy with Dinacharya is that if we are incorporating more and more self love rituals then, the bad habits just kind of fall away. I must say this is EXACTLY how it was for me in every avenue of my life. Much like nature, habits are built with ease, and progress. The easiest way for something to stick is to allow the space to create the habit to begin with.

In the past, many of the things that I cherished was simply unhealthy for me. My beer that I would have in the evenings to reward myself with stress. My beating myself up with kettlebell, although it was a beautiful time in my life to feel my own power, it was a bit tough on my joints in a time that I was beginning to develop some arthritis and inflammation. I was eating a lot of animal products and greasy style of foods when I went out with friends. All of these things are fine in moderation, but I have never been a great moderator. Im a bit of an all or nothing girl. I was definitely on a hamster wheel and my drinking was becoming a serious problem for me. At the end of my drinking career I was drinking at least four nights a week, and the other evenings was basically recovery. I was a highly functioning alcoholic at that point. The thing about alcoholism is, you can see the slippery slope of it all and consciousness begins to whisper to you softly, especially on mornings that you don’t feel well and despise yourself for not being able to control your intake, or when you cant meet the five am wakeup call you promise yourself, or for me, the biggest disappointment was that I missed the absolute gorgeous of the worlds precious mornings. In Vata time of ayurvefda, between 2-6 am, we try to wake up before the role call of Kapha at six am because we meet the morning with vibe of pure delight; birds are singing, sun is rising, there’s an energy that carries itself with your throughout the day.

When Yoga was first introduced to the states by Yogananada, his philosophy was, “Continue to do as you do, must keep doing the practice.” This was how it was for me. I never stopped. I still don’t stop. I have not one time stopped this practice for a full day. Even when I’m tired, or sad. I get on my mat for fifteen minutes. I breathe. I center. I have many practices to occupy the dark moments. I wanted this wakeup call at five am. I began to practice being a morning person. I began to practice being a happy, spiritually aligned person whistled with the birds, cleared the clutter and negative thinking first thing and brought joy and love into every moment of my life.

My mornings are much different than they once were. My life is much different. I no longer feel frustrated with people, or hungover, or irritated. I pick and chose my battles for the most part and the battles have all but disappeared. My favorite part of the morning is opening the window, so that my cat Ava will join me and watching the remnants of night turn to morning as the birds are still in that vibratory singing. You can actually hear their pitch of song move to a Kaphic sweetness within about twenty minutes.

At this point I have had 500 hours of Yoga training, and five hundred hours of Ayurveda, and currently I’m in another 300 hour program of Health Counseling and if anyone would have told me I would have never stopped learning, I would never have dreamed I would have had the stamina, let alone the desire to never stop learning and educating myself with these practices, i would have never quite believed it, but the truth is, when something changes your life, to this extent, it becomes your passion. I love sharing these practices and I’m grateful every day for them.. I have joy and love in every cell of my being. I want everyone to feel these practices on a cellular level.

I am loved. I am healin

g. I am well.

Namaste, every single day.

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