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Non Violence Begins with the Mind

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

In the beginning of my Yoga Journey I read a book called “The Hidden Messages of Water.” This book was a point of light to me that began to show me the true magic around me and the true power of our thoughts and words that we allow to come into our mind.

In Yoga the first Yama is Ahimsa which means NON VIOLENCE. Non violence to ourselves, non violence to others. I come back to the book the Yamas and Niyamas repeatedly to my life to keep myself pure, to allow my behaviors to stay on the path. It is the most important way to live for me. If you are living a Yogic Lifestyle the first Yama comes before all others because Violence comes in many ways that we do not recognize in a society run by people that walk around daily speaking ill to themselves in their own minds. I learned a long time ago that if I was walking with thoughts in my head, that was negative toward myself, then I certainly was not going to be able to be sweet to the people around me, even the ones I love the most.

In the Hidden Messages of Water, it scientifically showed us the power of meditation by showing water and how it forms during the freezing process when water is meditated on with sweet loving thoughts opposed to mean spirited negatived ones. The ice forms in the loving thoughts to beautiful snowflake like formations and the negative thought ice form s with just sharp stabs in it and no beautiful formations at all. This was compelling to me, considering we are made up of 60 to 75 percent water, so YES, we can make ourselves sick! It changed the way that I worked in the realm of healing and my clients. If I have a client that makes negative comments about themselves; “Im just bad at that,” or “My body sucks,” I gently share with them that their very own body is listening to them. That their very own temple hears it all. This is why as a Yogi, we must walk in the light and watch our own actions. If not us, then who, and if not now, then when? We can heal in the moment and we can walk in the light to inspire.

I have changed my entire lifestyle because of these sacred practices. I surround my loft with precious energies. I pray to all four corners with sage once a week to clear energy and I diffuse essential oils to clear space all of the time. When clients walk in here, many times I notice the first thing that happens to their body is that their shoulders begin to relax away from their ears and they let out a deep breathe. They do not always realize that they do this but I do. I want the people that come into my space to feel loved, and well. I want this to be a sweet part of their life. I want them to feel safe here. I change more and more every year as a therapist. In the last few weeks, during the Pandemic I upped my meditation. I read more, I studied more. I watched less and less television. I really don’t see much on there that is worthwhile at this point. I began to see that I want to delve deeper and deeper into the practices. Ive practiced holding space for many years now, allowing my mind to be still when Im with people so that they have a full container to release and allow whatever they need to release and allow. Being fully present.

There is a philosophy that as a therapist, you should keep boundaries with your clients. I question this philosophy because as a workaholic, if I didn’t make friends with my clients then I probably wouldn’t have friends. The people that come to me in my work are the people I yearn to surround myself With. But I definitely have learned boundaries. I can be a friend but realize that keeping space in relationships at this point allows for more love, more intimacy, and less obstacle in the future.

I find it so beautiful and so sweet, the way that life gives us all of this free will and opportunity to learn more and more about ourselves. To unfold and become. We always have a choice of becoming. Becoming who we want. By practicing this. What we practice, we become. There is a quote by Bruce Lee that says, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” If you want to be a sweeter person, practice being sweet. If you want to hold space for other people more, practice being present. If you want to become more flexible and to heal your body, practice more yoga. If you want to become vegan, practice eating more plants. If you want to become a person that reads more books, practice reading more. And if you want to begin to channel your future self, practice who you want to be. Watch your thoughts.

Remember this, it is not about self discipline, it is about practicing. But before everything, we must begin with the mind. Watching the clutter, cleaning it out, clearing a space, a clean slate to begin with. Watching the thoughts. And walking in non-violence. Love thyself properly FIRST. Walk a little in this way and then begin shining that light outward……

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