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Plant based and creamy, CBD is optional!

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

I remember sitting on my Grandmother's lap at the kitchen table with her spoon-feeding my favorite drink, her very sweet and creamy coffee with sugar and milk. She and I shared a deep love of this incredibly healing bean, as well as the ritual. The smell of coffee alone can bring back memories of many times of 'hygge." Learning to go plant based has been a journey for me. From the beginning I knew that I was going to need to put the work in on my cooking skills with sauces that could be a substitute for the creaminess of cheese, and also a good plant based milk for my coffee. And I will not even go into the discussion of how many times ive heard, "learn to drink it black, you'll get used to it and never be able to drink cream and sugar again in your coffee..."

To this I say BULL#$&*!

I LOVE the bitter sensual mysterious taste of coffee with the sweet creamy luxe vibe of a good creamy sweetness that takes your coffee to a level of surrealness.


I have done the work! There are two plant based creams that I feel can actually compete with the creaminess of milk for your coffee, and those are ...drum roll.....

Bliss which is made with a pea protein and in this pictures you can see a macadamia milk that I love. I blend it in my Frother with maple syrup and make it up so I can just snatch it up in the fridge. If you do not have a Frother for your coffee milk, you can just heat stove top with the sugar just to make sure that the sugar is totally disintegrated into the creamer and then cool and put in a bottle to snatch out of the fridge. I added some of my cbd product into it so I can also get that little boost of medicine with my coffee in the mornings. Anytime that we take our cbd with our drinks or foods, it just integrates into our digestive system even better! So this alcohol based tincture is great to put into your favorite cocktails or your coffee creamers! Remember this about emulsifies which means it blends everything together so with this coffee creamer its a great additive to bring the cream and sugar literally together for your creamy yumminess!


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