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Strawberry Fields Forever.....

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

As the Strawberry Moon approaches, my heart if full with gratitude for the sweetness of the end of Spring. Our strawberries are in full bloom in the garden! Today I picked another batch after Banjo and I took our morning hike through the woods. I am so grateful for this precious world. The seasons are a gentle reminder of how fleeting life is. Our bodies hold all four seasons deeply inside and there is such an accord if we are courageous enough to just be still and one with nature every day.

I realize that there is a lot of rage in the world right now. It seems difficult for anyone to be able to have a discussion about anything these days without mean spiritedness coming out. I try to keep my mind clear and open so that when an opinion comes in too strong or I feel that I become angry about something that I can simply watch what is happening to my emotions and thoughts and come back to a space of love. Im just so tired these days of being angry. Ive been so angry for so long about drugs in our town and in our lives that I have learned a lot about surrender. I know this. I need space, peace and love in my life. I can not live in the realms of hate or anger anymore.

Remember that toward the end of the moon cycles, emotions can come to extremes, I like to allow myself to feel what arises during the full moon and take extra care of myself so that I can be strong for myself and for the people that need my positive energy, and not my pain or discontent.

Giving ourselves conscious practices allows the time that we need to recognize if we feel anything that we should tend to. This may be anger, restlessness, sadness. But to really shine a light on the darkness during these times. This is how we can begin to heal ourselves from our unconscious programs. It is not a difficult puzzle to solve. Being is a simple a practice of quiet time. Stillness, awareness. Simply giving yourself a warm oil massage can be therapeutic and healing. It also allows us to BE WITH OURSELVES. To sit with our stuff. To watch what may arise. To see what programs our unconsciousness continues to run over and over again. To see what arguments we are creating, what paranoia we may be holding. Peace is always there underneath it all. Friday, allow yourself to release some of the darkness. Put some white sheets on the bed, diffuse your jasmine, make you a fancy mocktail! And if you want to have a super soothing Yoga Practice meet me on the mat for my full moon practice. All in the comfort of your home. Carry the light through your storms. And always give a little homage to Mama Moon. We need her generosity and sweetness. Let it all gooooooo.......

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