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Summer Solstice Love

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

108 reasons to be happy,

Can you say them in a day?

108 seconds in less than two minutes,

Can you savor every moment of those?

108 clouds pass me by,

Can you lie on the grass and allow your imagination to run wild?

108 experiences to seek in a lifetime,

What lessons have you learned by thrusting yourself into the unknown?

108 minutes in a day,

Let go of menial distractions and make presence your practice.

108 Salutations this morning,

How will we feel at the end, as we say Thank You to the Sun and purify our Temples?

Thank you Sun for this day, I knew you would show up and make it perfect for us….

“As the Sun spirals its longest Dance

Cleanse Us

As nature shows bounty and fertility

Bless Us

Let all things live with loving intent

And to fulfill their truest destiny”

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