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Temple Earth

One of many, A majestic structure made of earth elements, built by a higher genius tribe of humans stands tall among its people. Built in the shape of a triangle, the pyramid holds many doorways that invite the moon in on lunar time and the sun reaches every vast corner with its solar energy. Built in consciousness of the great vast universe around us, connected in sacred homage to the standing world that not only lives outside of us, but inside of us as well. For what we are living externally, is living in us. The people knew this deeply in a way of the heart.

Humanity lived-in higher consciousness. A calmness within that lent itself outward in a world created and not structured. In the way of peace, love, and learning.

Earth in all its perfection is made up of the five elements. Earth provides the fertility and protection for growth. Minerals and nourishment allow the stability for a root and its protection to find its way upward to the light. Our Sun is made of the element of Fire to provide this transformation. Earth and fire create a duality for this dance to begin. Fire creates radiance and warmth which are essential for the transformation of life to grow from one stage to the next. Air provides movement, allowing the possibility for growth. All living things must breathe. Water provides the structure for all life to happen. Cells would not be possible without the magic of water. Water also controls temperature and removes unneeded waste. And Ether is the space that is held around our earth home for all of this to happen. Unlike other planets, this planet transforms, uncomfortably to growth. Like a seedling, struggling in the harsh dense elements of earth, its way to the sunlight, we too must dig deep to find our way to the light.

20,000 years ago, a higher civilization ended because of the Ice Age. Graham Hancock’s Ancient Apocalypse is a masterfully made documentary about the ancient temples that existed on earth thousands of years ago. Modern historians shun his work, even though he is a brilliant and passionate scientist who has lived a lifetime studying ancient civilization. Such a shame that modern thinking values structures created in an ego mindset over factual information tested in science. People are following him nonetheless. Now more than ever people must see and feel the potential of humanity, of now and past. These revelations can change limited mindsets and make way for a new and greater world. A world expressed in a spiritual nature, opposed to structured self serving opinions of people who resist giving up their own control for the rest of the world to thrive.

We disconnect ourselves to each other in our opinions when we should be working together with our thoughts to create a perfect tapestry of harmony. Creating a new world that is open for all, based in truth, compassion, and understanding. Learning through the prisms of untruths and our disconnection to make way into the rhythms of wholeness. Through learning and understanding our own discords there is possibility of magical transformation toward a kaleidoscope of harmony. There is a governing force of truth that stands all tests of time. It speaks without words, stands egoless with heart instead of brain, and chimes true to every cell in our being. A true alignment with nature. Love is the only way out of the horrors of modern world. All rigid structures are collapsing all over the planet. we see them crumbling before our eyes. Every church and state. Every government. Every system is flawed. It is apparent that the system itself has a rotten root.

The English language in itself is flawed in many ways, provoking misunderstanding and a dismissive approach as opposed to a loving reality driven world. Languages hold deep roots as well, and there have been many books published about subtle violence and tyranny in language. English and German both are rigidly structured in bureaucratic ways. How much of the way we speak can lend itself to warring. It seems so easy to misunderstand each other and easily argue these days. The way of the language and tongue can send us down dark avenues, in our most personal relationships. How much of this implodes on mass level with devilish ways of the media manipulating words to create more confusion and lies. Words are creating war and separation repeatedly in not so recent history. Patriarchal system is spoken of a lot today and all of the deep systemic flaws. Can we begin to see our own flaws in language and control of modern times? And the reason that systems that are of no use crumble eventually? Little room is left for softness and compassion in the systems today. Deep flaws at the root of the English and German languages have lead to bureaucracy and tyranny of our own governmental agencies as well as health care systems. People are failed at every level of these systems. Systems that suppress rather than empower. Systems that do not only inhibit healing, but also serve itself first, instead of the people that come to it for help. At it’s root, the system is failing, and every system that rooted itself to the dominant structure is rotting as well. Only new life, new systems of growth that has a strong foundation with beautifully desired minerals and support can last. A system that must have fresh non contaminated nourishment with a higher intelligence to create a flow. A newly designed system that embodies sustainability and resources to all.

The first and oldest language known to modern history is Sanskrit. Eight to fifteen thousand years old, this language was manifested through meditation and vibration. Moving through vinyasa in Yoga, the words can ring truest in asana. There is a deep feeling invoked by truth. Many peaceful languages today from indigenous culture have been ignored. Native American language and songs have been suppressed and destroyed. People who speak these languages have been less inclined to war and wrath among their own people, let alone on larger scale. We live in a culture based in corruption and tyranny at it’s root native tongue.

Symbolism is the language of the universe, sacred and true, created from a dimension that encourages reflection and growth. If we look deeply into our dreams, we can see for ourselves. The dream world invites us into deep peeks of our own psyche, with an allowance for us to decipher through our own imagination places that our minds take us. At the Edgar Cayce house a few years ago, I took a dream course and was able to see that the symbols of our dreams are a guide for us to dig deeper into the path in life that we travel. Where we are growing and the places that we have become stagnant.

As a planet that has forgotten it’s connection to a larger universe, our level of awareness is only as large as the collective consciousness of all of humanity. Our potential is great, yet we must wake up. When a collective group of people begin to work together, we rise. As groups of people rise, we rise others. Suffering is inescapable in growth and as we shed old false ideals, the world, there may be growing pains. Unthreading and creating new patterns of true healing. Living in alignment with nature and the elements. Creating a design that we all can trust.

A tree bears fruit that falls to the earth, back into the minerals to dive deep once again. Embodying itself into the protection of the earth, growing toward the light. Sprouting out into limbs. Bearing fruit once again. In an endless cycle, growth continues and the fruits of labor are endless, every year becoming richer and sweeter. This is the way of growth in nature. Unthreading of the corrupted programs are never easy, yet essential, for a new and loving earth to make its way into our future.

In sacred space, our largest temple, Earth, is always dancing in rhythm. A river flows, the earth breathes, the soil is rich with minerals, and the Sun and Moon is always taking their turns gazing down on us.

Live for an allowance inside your heart.

Be still with nature.

Dive deep into our shadows

Come home to heart space.

Be a piece of healing in this broken puzzle.

Love has always been the only way home.

Tina Chabot

e-RYT 500 RYT

Ayurvedic Health Counselor

Tina Chabot School of Yoga RYS 200

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