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Who Am I

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

I am an exquisite blender of spice, and many a fancy tonic, i make

A seeker, a finder, everyday a little kinder,

A mover and a shaker, ill Vinyasa, align, and straighten ya,

I’ll rub out your knots, make your tissues feel fine,

I’ll pick you apart in my darkest days,

I’ll annihilate you in a dark moment.

And hate myself later,

Who Am I.

Not even close to who I've been, and hopefully chipping myself down to air.

It’s never a better time to let go.

Paradox and whimsy, everyday enlighten my soul.


I am nothing.

In that woodsy whimsical forest,

Of the dreams of a child.

Thoughts manifest to reality.

The power of Maya.

A little girl all dressed up,

In grown up clothes.

Pray everyday for the light,

Stay in the zone,

And hone.

Do you feel it now?

And now?

How about now…..

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