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Your Habits, Your World.....

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Energy is limitless. If you are walking in this world in a positive space of energy then that energy will build, especially in acts of serving others. I was watching a documentary the other evening on Youtube about lives based in monastic traditions. There are people that realize that they only need about three hours of sleep an evening to energize. I noticed this beginning to happen during Covid when I found myself overnight in a place of going about 100 MPH to about 50 MPH overnight. In the realms of my work, I live in the energy of movement which is already energetic. Vata flows consistently throughout my work as I work in my business with my clientele in massage, Reiki, Energy Movements and Yoga. When my work subsided for those few weeks I noticed that there were mornings that I was waking up , widely alert sometimes at around 330 am in the morning. I would force myself back to sleep until it dawned on me one morning that my body was fully rested on five hours a night. So when this would happen I would do the 3-2-1 method of counting down and jumping vigorously out of bed for the day. The energy of Vata will stay with you throughout the day and the energy can be endless. I rarely sleep past six because we know in Ayurveda that 6 to 10 am is Kapha time and we want to wake up before that 6 am time point because we can add a bit of lethargy to our day if we sleep past six am. If we wake up before six am, even better right before five am, we are waking up between worlds. We are waking up in Vata time, the creativity can be limitless in our day as we adapt to a routine that allows us to awaken with the dawn. This also allows for a lot of self care time. Everything in this world is a perception outward of what we feel inward. If we see a beautiful day and know in our hearts that the day holds many adventures and magical secrets then that is exactly what the world will give us.

I remember many years ago when I lived on a hamster wheel. People that saw me from the outside probably thought that I had a really healthy lifestyle because I was always in kettle bell or spin class and I ate healthy for the most part. I was working out and moving in my work endlessly and I was considered athletic and healthy but when I look at my life I was very discontent. I pushed myself to get to spin class to avoid drinking certain nights. I pushed myself to do kettle bell and although this exercise gave me a lot of power, it encouraged irritability and a competitive state of mind. I also had a drinking problem that also encouraged irritability and unrest. These days I get a ton of time for myself. I enjoy awakening by 5am so that I can get an arsenal of self care, breathe work, morning dinacharya. I am also fully focused to finish more focus style endeavors finished in these mornings. This also allows for time to meal prep your days and to look forward to nourishing and delicious meal times. Cooking can be a fun art to master.

Find a way to incorporate habits that you dont have to procrastinate about. Everything comes from your mindset. If we find ways to get exercise from the things we enjoy, its a win, win. My son’s dog Banjo encourages my best behavior. I hike everyday because of him. I am even beginning to find ways to run with him, something I haven’t done in years. I feel that Banjo encourages a lot of energetic actions from me because I get so much pleasure seeing the way he sees the world. He delights at everything around him and that makes me feel so much love being in his presence.

Remember this: there are ways to get exercise, self care, good nourishing food, all just by tweaking a few habits. Looking at yourself and the world a little different. Enjoy having a beautiful space for yourself. Place your mat somewhere in the house by a window or outside in nature where you can do a practice and get a good deep breathe at the same time. This time of the year the grass is like candy for our noses. Spend time with your pets. Feed off of their positivity. Clean your space vigorously listening to music and shaking your booty. Move your body in JOY. Make space for good things to arrive. Clear out a drawer or a closet, this spaciousness will also create energy in our lives. Spend time cooking with friends, having a mocktail while your at it. Remember one thing about habits, they STICK. Maybe a little difficult to do in the beginning but they become so worth it in the end. Shine the light in those dark corners, everyday is yours to slay….

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