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Just Cause

Heaviness from winter is lingering longer than usual.

Maybe it’s the compounded buildup of reality finally dropping the veils.

Maybe it’s the untethered knot slowly letting go,

Maybe it’s rising to higher consciousness.

Whatever it is, it is a difficult road.

Sometimes I miss being drunk,

Sometimes I miss taking the road of wrath and war.

Sometimes I miss flying away into distractions.

Whatever that was, it was an easier path.

I wake up in awe of the descending moon,

Which always peaks through whichever window i intuitively chose.

The world around us in it’s exquisite beauty, is like the best simulation ever.

But how many of us see?

People seem to be sleeping through their lives,

Ignoring each other,

Sometimes being mean, just cause.

I whisper to something deep inside of me,

And I always look upwards when I do.

It’s inherent.

And I say,

Please stay with me for a moment.

Lend some guidance.

Thank you God.

And I always feel better.

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