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Wind and Light

     Mama Nature is so loving as she gives us glimpses of the upcoming seasons in the ways of light and wind.  Anticipation is the vibes of the spaces between the equinoxes, in the ways the sun shines down on buildings and cheeks.  There is a glimpse of warmth coming in right now.  It wakens my energies.

     Spring is the Season of movement.  Yesterday the gusts of winds prevented me from slamming my door on purpose, because the wind did it for me.  I have been taking cold showers to alkalize myself in the last few weeks.  There is something magical about the way it wakes me up on that deep level.  My body loves it.  I have to remind myself not to resist and to pay deep attention to the 180 second count, but usually forty seconds in,  my body acclimates and it is quite pleasant.  I have felt my energy shift lately and this makes me grateful.  I tend towards blues in the winter in the month of February, when all of the glitter falls to the earth from my birthday celebration week.  Yes week.   We need all the celebrations possible during this month, so don’t judge.

     An awareness of deep tolerance for myself has happened in the last few years. I don’t beat myself up so much.  Especially as a commitment phobic, and tendency toward procrastination.  I watch my favorite youtube entrepreneurs.  Those thirty somethings discuss lists, and disciplines and I smile in nostalgia.  I remember those days.  These days I must find joy in the things I do.  And I must say my disciplines are quite sturdy.  I do push my boundaries out a few centimeters a year.  For the most part,  I want to spend my time feeling my way through things.  Getting to know myself more and more.  Allowing other people to be just as they are and stepping out of the dramas.  These things feel good to me.

     What do I want to do this year?  Well grow my standard 5% spiritually and it seems that my business always jumps on that same percentage bandwagon.  I want to write a little more, adventure a little more, push myself a little more, eat a little more better.  Love a little more, and be still a little more.  I am working on my mind these days.  Training it to leave it’s wars quicker and regularly.  The practice becomes easier and peace becomes more apparent.

     Spring for the most part is for rebirth.  Purging out the old to bring space for new things.  Endings and beginnings.  In the Spring, Nature is vividly alive and speaking to us.  When I go out to our garden, I hear it in the flowing creek, the rustling branches, the damp earth underneath my footsteps.  I see it in the vivid light.  I feel it in my heart.  Honest appreciation of a season that always reminds me, that I am alive.  Deeply reborn again.

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